Saturday, August 28, 2010

Want To Know Something!!


There are some tips from us....!!!!

Facial Care

1. Choose a nice razor. If you already hate shaving, why make it worst with dull blade that marks up your skin??? Use a manual razor as apposed to an electric one, as you get a closed shave.

Use aftershave. So many men forget about this. Take an extra 5 minutes to put it on, as it provide nice smell and a disinfectant to help prevent razor burn.

Moisturize. It makes for smooth unblemished skin, and softens the hair follicles, making for an easier shave.

4. Take care of acne. Wash your face at least twice a day, use some acne medicine (acne gel, cleansing pads, etc..), and moisturize after.Use a "Vanishing Lotion" as this will help camouflage the redness of your zits, as well as fight them. Make sure it contains at the most 5% benzoyl peroxide.

Hair Care

1. Buy some good quality shampoo and some very good quality conditioner. These will help keep your hair clean and moisture rich. Do not wash your hair with soap.
  • Gel is a nice all around styler. It will keep your hair in one place all day, even in severe wind. The only downside is, it tends to dry out your hair and may tend to flake. Try this for short to medium length hair.
  • Wax is literally that. Think like that stuff you use to seal your bathtub. Almost exactly the same as gel, but not as liquidly and a much thicker texture. Use this for short to medium hair length.
  • Mousse. This works well for curly hair, and it allows you to obtain curls without having that stuck together hair you get from gel and wax. Short to medium length hair ;it may not provide enough hold as gel or wax.
2. Find a good quality barber or stylist. It won't help if you have the right clothes, attitude, or products if you have a bad hair cut. It takes away from your whole appearance.

3. Make sure you shampoo less than you condition. Don't shampoo your hair today and tomorrow. The first shampoo will clean your hair. The second robs your hair of natural oils.

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