Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Human Resource Day

"There Still A Light At The End Of The Tunnel" was the theme for the Human Resource Day on 5 October 2010. This event was manage by Student Part5 from Faculty of Business Management and what make this programmed more interested, the motivator for this event are Ally Iskandar from TV3. As everyone knows, was not easy to invite Ally Iskandar in this event. We feel very proud as a faculty of business management can manage this programmed smoothly.
Thanks to all student part5.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Malaysia Tribute!!!

Malaysia have many kind of restaurants almost everywhere in the cities and town. There are Malay Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants, India Restaurants, Thai Restaurants and more. Eating out in Malaysia is a gastronomic adventure. There is such a great variety; a spicy Malay food, a seemingly endless variety of Chinese food, exotic cuisine from north and south India, as well as Nyonya and Portuguese Food. Popular Malaysian dishes include satay, nasi lemak, rendang, roti canai, murtabak, laksa, chiken rice and fried noodles.

Malay Food:

Nasi lemak is a common food in Malaysia and have been favourite and daily food for the Malaysian people. Not only in Malaysia, other Asian countries also love Nasi lemak as well even it is from Malaysia. The normal ingredient in Nasi lemak is the rice, ikan bilis, slice of cucumber, peanuts and chicken or egg or shrimp or cuttlefish and so on. And the very important part is the "sambal" which it is decided the nasi lemak will be delicious or not........

Chinese Food:

India Food:

This one is called capati and it is from the India....This food is the famous Indian food in Malaysia. It is simple and easy to eat. Capati will compels with several sauce and it is 'kuah dal" and "kuah kari ikan". It is very simple and the price also acceptable..

Western Food:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Want To Know Something!!


There are some tips from us....!!!!

Facial Care

1. Choose a nice razor. If you already hate shaving, why make it worst with dull blade that marks up your skin??? Use a manual razor as apposed to an electric one, as you get a closed shave.

Use aftershave. So many men forget about this. Take an extra 5 minutes to put it on, as it provide nice smell and a disinfectant to help prevent razor burn.

Moisturize. It makes for smooth unblemished skin, and softens the hair follicles, making for an easier shave.

4. Take care of acne. Wash your face at least twice a day, use some acne medicine (acne gel, cleansing pads, etc..), and moisturize after.Use a "Vanishing Lotion" as this will help camouflage the redness of your zits, as well as fight them. Make sure it contains at the most 5% benzoyl peroxide.

Hair Care

1. Buy some good quality shampoo and some very good quality conditioner. These will help keep your hair clean and moisture rich. Do not wash your hair with soap.
  • Gel is a nice all around styler. It will keep your hair in one place all day, even in severe wind. The only downside is, it tends to dry out your hair and may tend to flake. Try this for short to medium length hair.
  • Wax is literally that. Think like that stuff you use to seal your bathtub. Almost exactly the same as gel, but not as liquidly and a much thicker texture. Use this for short to medium hair length.
  • Mousse. This works well for curly hair, and it allows you to obtain curls without having that stuck together hair you get from gel and wax. Short to medium length hair ;it may not provide enough hold as gel or wax.
2. Find a good quality barber or stylist. It won't help if you have the right clothes, attitude, or products if you have a bad hair cut. It takes away from your whole appearance.

3. Make sure you shampoo less than you condition. Don't shampoo your hair today and tomorrow. The first shampoo will clean your hair. The second robs your hair of natural oils.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan Al- Mubarak

Welcome To Fasting Month

Disebutkan dalam Shahihain sebuah hadits yang diriwayatkan oleh Abu Hurairah radhiallahu ‘anhu, bahwa Nabi shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bersabda:

“Barangsiapa puasa bulan Ramadhan karena iman dan mengharap pahala dari (Allah), niscaya diampuni dosa-dosanya yang telah lalu. “

Dan dalam Musnad Imam Ahmad dengan sanad hasan disebutkan: “Dan (dosanya) yang Kemudian. “
“Barangsiapa mendirikan shalat pada malam Lailatul Qadar, karena iman dan mengharap pahala dari Allah niscaya diampuni dosa-dosanya yang telah lalu, dan barangsiapa mendirikan shalat malam di bulan Ramadhan karena iman dan mengharap pahala dari (Allah), niscaya diampuni dosa-dosanya yang telah lalu.” An-Nasa’i menambahkan: “Diampuni dosanya, baik yang telah lalu maupun yang datang belakangan. ”

Monday, August 9, 2010

BUZZAC Camp!!!

At 6 August 2010 until 8 August 2010, UiTM have made a camp for a new student course Faculty of Business Management Part 1 for this session. This camp are made every semester in UiTM Pahang, but for the past semester the camp for a new student part 1 Faculty Business Management have been cancel for a some reason. We as the facilitator of this camp have involve in managing this camp.

The activity in the BUZZAC Camp are mostly for the introducing senior student to this event we as Business Faculty Student are becoming more close between each another..this is also will made them feel fun,happy and relax in that meaningful event..not only that they will expose how to live as a society..helping each other is very important whenever and wherever they go....

the name that they never forget is the project leader..u can know who was him..hehe..
what they can say and fear of him is fierce showing from him..
time is very important, that is why he is emphasized on the time so that they would not waste their time either in the event or living or studying in the University....

as we can say they are very happy and get know each other the senior students..
by this event,this is as a one way how to get close with the new students in fact can help them if they get problems...

As one Faculty of Business Management, we will live as one harmony family which can giving the best to the county..this is the start we want to be..
last but not least is our Faculty Trademark

BUSINESS ????!!!!!!

GEMPAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUSINESS ??????!!!!

BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUSINESS ????!!!!!!!!!

KAW-KAW BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

i know im new

tie Rack blog

De iDealist

In this IT world, there a lot of business that sold a same thing like other competitors.
We have seen one of the blogger business that sold a product just like our product and quite interesting for us saw their blogger.

Now we will compare our business with them. You may see their business through this link

De iDealist

tie rack

Advantages of these company

  • Have their own link in facebook
  • Variety of complement product
  • Special form for order
  • Every product have their special code to order

improvement for the ONEcompany
  • add a variety of complement produts
  • more unique and executive blog
  • prepare the site for customer to make an order
  • show the special things about our product
  • be friendly with customer =)